No Time For Patience (Deluxe)

by Chase Alden Bowes-Daniel

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    Hi! This is my first album, and I truly feel there's some good stuff on it. 8 of the 20 tracks are original songs I wrote myself. If you like what you hear, please take it and share it. You'll be helping a lot of people, even if you decide not to pay anything for it. Yes, you can pay what you'd like, from zero to infinity. All I ask of you is to share what you like, if anything, with others. Thanks for your support! Exclaimation points! Excitement! Love is the law!

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Folk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Americana, Folk Rock, Comedy, Rockabilly... All represented on this album of low-fi tracks by guitarist/singer-songwriter and comedian Chase Alden Bowes-Daniel. YouTube:


released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Chase Alden Bowes-Daniel South Boston, Virginia

Virginia born & raised guitar player who can turn a phrase. Decent guitar player, good songwriter, vocals like drizzling dogshit.

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Track Name: American Son
I was raised on the borderline of Virginia and North Carolina, 

Where I loved to hear the sound of a redbone hound and the whine of an old freightliner-

The auctioneers are gone, but tobacco's still growin', 

Pulled and packed by hand

They live as one, all daughters and sons,  in the heart of Dixieland


I'm an American Son


I drink and I smoke, I cuss and I joke, I say what's on my mind

Call me the breeze, 'cause I go as I please, and I will until I die

People look at me and they see a black sheep, they criticize and they judge-

But I don't give a goddamn, I am my own man, and my habits are in my blood... 


I'm an American Son 


I've been so high, I plucked the moon from the sky, and I shoved it on down in my pocket-

I've been so down that I wanted to drown, take my pain and finally stop it

Time's a fast bitch, and there is no switch to stop or slow it down-

Take a breath and jump, 'cause you only live once, and you never come back around 


I'm an American Son 


I'm a dog of war, I'm a wolf at your door, I'm a sick and twisted bastard-

I say the sweetest things when you whisper my name and I know what you're lusting after...

Im Jekyll and Hyde, I'm dead inside... I only ever made you cry-

We were drawn by fate, we're perfect soulmates... Gonna grow old and die


I'm an American Son 


I've slept in my car, lived out of tip jars, sung my heart out for my supper-

Only got one dream inside of me, and I never will have another

Give me a place to play and a decent PA, a crowd that digs my shit-

I'll play till last call, I'll play till I fall, I'll play until they kill the music


I'm an American Son 

© Chase Alden Daniel, 2011. All rights reserved.
Track Name: Drink Up, Tom
Drink up, Tom- pop another top,

Life by the ounce, life by the drop-

It's the same old shit on a different day,

Trying to quench that thirst that won't go away...


I've forgotten a lot, but I remember well

All the beatings and the telling and the liquor's smell-

A drunken hypocrite, no more no less-

But pat yourself on the back and say you did your best


  You don't drink from the bottle, it drinks   from you-

  An addict knows an addict, and I know     you...

  Life, even though it's a one way track-

  Wish you'd have stayed in Alabama and   never came back


Eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth 

You know you get what you give, and I'm living proof-

I had the best of intentions, but my love was in vain-

'Cause it's lost in time, like tears in the rain 


I alone have to answer for what I've done,

No hiding from the truth, nowhere to run

It's not your place to judge or condemn,

You were supposed to be my mentor and my best friend...


  You don't drink from the bottle, it drinks   from you-

  An addict knows an addict, and I know     you...

  Life, even though it's a one way track-

  Wish you'd have stayed in Alabama and   never came back (x2)

©Chase Alden Daniel, 2014, all rights reserved.
Track Name: F*** You, John Mayer
I remember hearing that voice for the first time
Might've sounded good to your ears, but it didn't to mine
You might say I'm not being fair, but I never had room for squares
And I damn sure didn't have patience for some pompous pile of dogshit like John Mayer

As time when on, I thought he'd be a passing phase
But he broadened his horizons, and put out "Heavier Things"
And now it seems like on every song
He's just trying to be Stevie Ray Vaughan
Though he's just an arrogant peckerhead that dropped out of Berkeley

So fuck you, John Mayer
You and your fans
Spare the children, 'cause their bodies aren't your wonderland
You may know a few licks, but you don't know the blues-
'Cause you've never been in a poor workingman's shoes
You're just a cheap imitator who can't hold a candle to Stevie Ray Vaughan
A former friend of mine related this story to me:
John picked a girl from the crowd to go for a ride in his limousine
Before they'd gone 1 city block,
Well you know ole John had whipped out his cock
And as she stared disgusted, that conceited price said, "What? I'm JOHN MAYER!"


If you're hurt or offended, well John you can sue of you want to
But I don't have any money, and this song won't pay for a lawsuit
But even though I may be strapped for cash,
I can buy you a spoon so you can eat my ass
And if I ever saw you in public, this is what I'd sing:

You're a cocksucking piece of shit racist cunt-
A fudgepacking, teabagging, pederast punk
A lamb-loving, jizz-guzzling KY cowboy,
A turd-burglin' cum-gurglin' pincushion lovetoy
A browneye bandit, a rimjob Rambo, a cock-cobblin' knob-slobbin creampie commando-
Oh, I... I hate John Mayer
Yes, I... I fuckin' hate John Mayer
So FUCK YOU, John Mayer
Fuck you, John Mayer
Well goddamn John Mayer
Track Name: Some Kind of Blue
Wah, I'm a broke asshole...
Track Name: The Ballad of Boris Lee
Once upon a time, way back in the pines in a town called Virgilina
There was a dirty old harlot who was mildly retarded, with an upside down vagina
And on a buggy old day in the month of May, it was just about half past three-
When that nasty old lady had a nasty old baby
And she named it Boris Lee

Boris had a mind of the waterhead kind,
A damn head like a hot air balloon
And his daddy, it was rumored, didn't have a sense of humor,
So they left on an old pontoon
There was nothing they could do, they took Boris to the zoo, and they left him at the ape exhibit
And it was there he was raised in a 50 foot cage,
Eating stale bamboo and biscuits

Well, he grew up mean and he sure caused a scene when he somehow managed to escape!
But they soon found Boris, he was hiding in a forest
With a pig he had found and raped
And we were all surprised when the pig survived, and turned out to have a child to bear-
And the last that I heard, he was not to be disturbed, for he's working in auto care

©Chase Alden Daniel, 2010. All rights reserved.
Track Name: Oh, Man! I'm a Lawman! (Demo Version)
Six months in the academy, I finally got my badge-
Got a car and pistol, too... Man, sometimes dreams really do come true!
I've got it all now, 'cause I'm the law now!
Livin' life by the code, keeping drunks and druggies off my backroads...
Well, I locked my keys inside my ride...
But this big flathead screwdriver will get me back inside!

Oh, man! I'm a lawman!
A dumb rookie mistake anyone could make-
Oh yeah, I'm a lawman

A suspect fees ahead of me, but I always get my man!
Got the pedal to the floor... I'm a real badass, that's a big 10-4
Above it all now- 'Cause I'm the law now!
I'm howlin' through the night, gonna bust some heads and then read their rights
Drivin' with my knees as I type...
I hung my goddamn cruiser on a big concrete drainpipe!

Oh, man! I'm a lawman!
Lying will get me by,
I'm a goddamn cop, I can text and drive
'Cause I'm a lawman!

Yeah, I put the word out-
I'm on a stakeout
Even if they find out,
I'll get a bailout
With this badge, there ain't nothin' I can't do-
I can drink and drive, I will survive any mailbox I run through!

Oh, man... I'm a lawman!
I'll say it was a deer,
Don't be a queer,
It ain't your first concussion, have another beer
On the lawman

©Chase Alden Daniel, all rights reserved.
Track Name: A Winter Song
This house gets cold in late December
When the moon freezes over in the sky
And the forest settles into Winter
While the wind rips the tears from your eyes

Been a long time coming
Rolling through the valleys at night
Be a long time leaving
Buy the ticket, take the ride

There's a dark cloud over this country
And I've seen a lot of storms in my time
But if we leave with our lives, we'll be lucky
'Cause the flood will claim all that's left behind

When I was young, people would tell me
Things will all be better before you're old
But the years have left me empty 
And no one says that anymore

Something's happened here, and I don't know what it is-
But it don't feel right to me...
Things just ain't the way they used to be

When the stars fall too fast for counting
And you realize time moves too fast
Make your home on this mountain
Find a dream, a dream that can last

You were always one for singing
And my voice can't compare to yours
But the tune can keep on changing
'Cause I'm sure you've heard it all before