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Wrote this about my experiences growing up in Southern Virginia, dealing with addiction, falling in love and playing music.


I was raised on the borderline of Virginia and North Carolina, 

Where I loved to hear the sound of a redbone hound and the whine of an old freightliner-

The auctioneers are gone, but tobacco's still growin', 

Pulled and packed by hand

They live as one, all daughters and sons,  in the heart of Dixieland


I'm an American Son


I drink and I smoke, I cuss and I joke, I say what's on my mind

Call me the breeze, 'cause I go as I please, and I will until I die

People look at me and they see a black sheep, they criticize and they judge-

But I don't give a goddamn, I am my own man, and my habits are in my blood... 


I'm an American Son 


I've been so high, I plucked the moon from the sky, and I shoved it on down in my pocket-

I've been so down that I wanted to drown, take my pain and finally stop it

Time's a fast bitch, and there is no switch to stop or slow it down-

Take a breath and jump, 'cause you only live once, and you never come back around 


I'm an American Son 


I'm a dog of war, I'm a wolf at your door, I'm a sick and twisted bastard-

I say the sweetest things when you whisper my name and I know what you're lusting after...

Im Jekyll and Hyde, I'm dead inside... I only ever made you cry-

We were drawn by fate, we're perfect soulmates... Gonna grow old and die


I'm an American Son 


I've slept in my car, lived out of tip jars, sung my heart out for my supper-

Only got one dream inside of me, and I never will have another

Give me a place to play and a decent PA, a crowd that digs my shit-

I'll play till last call, I'll play till I fall, I'll play until they kill the music


I'm an American Son 

© Chase Alden Daniel, 2011. All rights reserved.


from No Time For Patience (Deluxe), released March 14, 2017
Words & music by Chase Alden Bowes-Daniel.



all rights reserved


Chase Alden Bowes-Daniel South Boston, Virginia

Virginia born & raised guitar player who can turn a phrase. Decent guitar player, good songwriter, vocals like drizzling dogshit.

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